Dreams of Gold

At the 2009 Canadian Open in Parksville, the theme was Winter Olympics. Peter created this depiction of a young girl dreaming of winning hockey gold. She is sitting beside the frozen pond.. getting ready to put on a skate and practice some more. The organizers were concerned about possible legal action from the 2010 committee.. so did not permit any of the sculptors to depict the Olympic rings. Peter had carved the rings on the gold medal in the centre.. but had to remove them. In spite of this, he won yet again, his 4th First in a row at the Canadian Open.
The notes on the top are the first bars of “Oh Canada”..

As you can see from the steep pile.. the sand in Parksvile is pretty good..and can handle a lot of vertical. The edges of the flags were tapered, so from the side, it looked as if the flags were only 1/4 inch thick.

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